How Bitcoin will change your life

It is common now to see people tweet before/after pics of like the spoof I just did of Christopher Lloyd.

The before pic is usually some mild mannered person and the after is “woke”.  For me, bitcoin was a discovery that dominated my life at a greater and greater rate.  I started to understand the impact it could make to decentralize the world and then as a store of value that could make great returns for early investors.

Initially I mined a few tenths of a btc on slush’s pool in late 2012 using a GPU, when you could actually still do that. Then I got caught up in the butterfly labs scam and purchased of of their first ASIC miners, which was already behind the curve by the time I received it (almost 1 year later).  I have not mined since then, because it’s just not profitable for the common man due to electrical costs.

The most powerful draw for me is that btc is freedom.  I’m a wannabe anarchist who dislikes government and think they are one of the true evils in the world.  Not that they set out to be evil, they just devolve over time… all of them, without exception.  People drawn to power are not the people who you want ruling over you, because they will always choose to impose their will and rob you blind; human nature does not change.  The biggest question is why do we need rulers?  I believe the crypto universe is the best hope for mankind in removing the people and laws that try to control  us.

Charles Hugh Smith of the website has proposed a system called CLIME that outlines how crypto can be used to restructure how people deal with one another in a equitable way that takes care of the folks who cannot take care of themselves.  There is always paid work, because value is given to every task, all the way down to cleaning bike paths and picking up trash on the road.  Please take the time to read the brief outline and gain some insight into how wonderful life could be.  His system comes as close to eliminating poverty of any thing I’ve ever read.

Once you have gotten bitten by the bitcoin bug, it’s hard to ever look at the world in the same way.  You keep working your way down the rabbit hole and learn that it’s a never ending lesson.  Mankind has just now scratched the surface on the power that is being unleashed.  Everyday there are more articles on where it can go then you’ll have time to read.  I’m going to be writing more in the coming weeks on some of these paths and how they may play out.  It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way…





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