The Norks are mining Bitcoin… here’s why

Question:  If you’re a despot of a country that has no wares to sell the rest of the country, how do you get $ to buy them?

Answer:  Buy some bitcoin miners and sell it on exchanges.  NK has nukes, so cheap power isn’t the issue, so gitty up Kim

Rumor:  North Korea started mining about the same time as the Wannacry ransomeware attacks occured and now they have BTC they need to sell (launder).  This gives them plausible deniability…

If only the CIA hadn’t been so reckless with all the Vault 7 code, we wouldn’t be in all this ransomeware mess!

Thoughts on why there is a war in the Bitcoin community

War in Bitcoin is due to the fact that everyone is acting in their own self interest, which is what Satoshi intended.  Unfortunately, interests started to veer apart when entrepreneurs started looking for volume to make their businesses succeed.  Due to the network effect, bitcoin has become better used a store of value, it’s why everyone talks about Hodling.

As segwit gets locked in and the layer two protocols become enacted, we will start to see how bitcoin can be used for rapid and low cost payments.  This may be accomplished via the lightning network systems or a sidechain or something totally new.  Time and talent will determine the winner in scaling of bitcoin.  I believe that once we have the layer 2 scaling solution then entrepreneur’s interests will once align with the hodlers, coders and miners and the storm that is called bitcoin will start to clear.